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    Compare Mortgage Rates on Redfin

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    Navigate to [](
    Hover over "Mortgage ▾"
    Click "Compare rates"
    Click the "State, City, County, ZIP" field.
    Type the location where you're looking to buy a home.
    Click the location.
    Click this text field and enter the home price you'd like to get a quote for.
    You can also change your down payment amount.
    Don't forget to hit "More Options"
    It's a good idea to choose your credit score range. If you want to see your credit score for free, try [](
    Click here.
    You can also select a loan type, for example, here we're looking at a a 30 year fixed interest rate.
    Click "Update Rates"
    Look at the rate table and then click "Get Started" to get a more detailed quote from a lender.
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