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    Configure Network Connection: Windows

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      Attach a keyboard and mouse to your Breeze device and then press the "ESC" key to stop your software.
      Click "Stop Breeze"
      Click the "START" button in the top right corner and then type "network".
      Click "Network status" to check the status of your network.
      Your status will be shown. If you wish to set up a Wi-Fi connection, select the "Wi-Fi" tab underneath the "Status" tab.
      When on the Wi-Fi menu, be sure that Wi-Fi is set to "On". Then select "show available networks" to view the available networks list. Select the network you wish to use and enter the proper password credentials. If you wish to view the Ethernet settings, select the "Ethernet" tab underneath the Wi-Fi tab.
      Your player will show as "Network: Connected" if the device is receiving a good network connection from the LAN cable.
      When you are finished verifying your network settings. Close out of the network box and go back to the desktop of your Breeze player.
      Another good way to confirm the Breeze player is receiving a good network connection would be to browse the internet using the Google Chrome web browser that comes installed on the device.
      Click "StartBreeze" to start your Breeze software.
      After clicking "StartBreeze" your software will begin to run full screen on the player.
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