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    Configuring Network Connection (1012BRZ & 1332BRZ)

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      Press "ESC" to stop the demo content. Once on the desktop, drag the bottom toolbar up to reveal the devices applications.
      Select "Settings".
      Select "Network & Internet".
      Follow steps 4-7 to set up a Wi-Fi connection. Proceed to step 8 to confirm connectivity on a PoE connection.
      Select "Wi-Fi" to configure Wi-Fi network.
      Toggle the Wi-Fi option to "On". If your network is public it should appear on the "Available Networks" list. To manually configure your network select "Add network".
      Enter your network credentials and select "Save" when finished.
      Click the back button to return to Network Settings.
      Proceed to step 10 if you do not wish to check your Ethernet settings.
      Select "Ethernet".
      Ensure Ethernet is enabled by toggling on the switch. Your network information will appear if the device is properly connected. Select the back button to return to settings.
      Press "ESC" to exit back to the desktop.
      Double click the Breeze Player icon to start Breeze.
      After starting Breeze, your content will appear and your Breeze player will show green on your "Players" page on your Breeze server.
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