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    Connecting Tall Bob and MoEngage

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    Login to you MoEngage account and click on the Settings Icon and select the 'SMS & Connectors' Menu option
    Click on the 'SMS Connector Config' Tab
    Under the 'Custom Connectors' section, click on the 'Create Button'
    The first step is to select your 'Sender Type'. The Sender Type can be Promotional or Transactional.
    Click on the 'Connecter Name Field' and enter the name as 'Tall Bob'
    Click on the 'Sender Name Field' and enter the desired sender name.\ \ The Sender Name can be either a 'Longcode' or 'Alphanumeric'
    Click on the the 'API URL field' and provide the URL [](
    The next steps involve the process of adding the headers.\ \ To get your headers, open a new tab. Login to your Tall Bob account and navigate to <>. Copy the Basic Auth Header value
    Return back to the MoEngage Tab, Under the 'Header Section' enter the Key as 'Authorization' and the paste the copied value under the 'Value Field'
    Click on the dropdown next to the API URL and select the option as 'POST'
    Select the Body Type as 'JSON'
    The next step is adding the body parameters. The Body Parameters should have the following values
    Please note that the 'From' value should be same as the Sender Name that was previously provided in Step 6.
    To add a new field click on the 'KV pair Icon'
    Once the necessary fields are filled in click on the 'Send Test' Button
    Click on the 'Select Option Dropdown' and select the option as '+61 - Australia'
    Click on the 'Phone Number Field' and provide a valid Australian Number
    Click on the 'Message Field' and provide a test message that you would like to send
    Once all the necessary details are filled in and click on 'Send Button'

    Duplicating Existing Connections

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