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    Copying a Course

    • Stacy Price |
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    • 2 minutes
    Click "Online Training Registration"
    Click "Manage Courses"
    Enter the name of the course you want to create a copy of. Click "Find Courses".
    Click the course name.
    Click "Manage"
    Click "Copy this Course"
    Click "Copy Course"
    Click the Course Title to edit its name.
    Enter the new Course Name. Review the course's information and add/change information as necessary. Click "Save" to save new changes.
    Click "Publish".
    Click "Submit Course Publish Approval Request"
    Click "Continue"
    Enter the Course Number.
    Select the correct Course Group from the drop-down list.
    Click "Add Selected Item"
    Select the Course Provider from the drop-down list.
    Enter the Credit Units. For any Credit Type associated to the course, select "Visible on Transcript" and change the "Repeatable for Credit" from "Yes, Always" to "Yes, After a Time Period" of "1 year".
    Click "Next: Location and Visibility Settings"
    Click "Check All and Apply Settings"
    If you're with an Entity, change the storefront icon to the appropriate icon. Click "Select Image", find the Entity's folder, and select the icon.
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