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    Create Budget Request for Student Group Event or Program

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    Navigate to <> and login using your JHU login.
    Click "Groups"
    Navigate to your student group and click on it.
    Once in your group space, click "Money" on the left hand navigation.
    Click "Budgeting" on the left navigation under "Money".
    Click "Create Budget Request" in the upper right hand corner.
    Click the "Budget Request Type" dropdown and select **"BSPH Student Assembly Registered Student Group".**
    Click the "Title" field and input the title of your request/name of your event. *You do not need to add a description.*
    Click "Next" to progress to the next part of your budget request.
    **For this section, you will need to separate your budget request by item type:** - Event - Program - Meetings - Travel-BSPH
    For each budget "item type" enter in the "Amount Requested" field the amount you are requesting. Please fill in the "Amount Financed By Group" and/or "Notes" fields if needed.
    Please keep in mind the following: - **The "Amount Requested" is what you are asking Student Assembly to fund.** - The "Amount Finance by Group" is the amount your group is funding from funds already allocated or other sources. - The two fields above combine to equal the "Total Funds Needed" - You may include notes, however this is not required as the form to follow will collect all additional data we require. - The notes field can be used to distinguish multiple requests of the same budget "item type". Example below. - *Event: $150, Note: Ceremony* - *Event: $300, Note: Reception*
    If you need to add another budget "Item Type", click "+ Add item".
    If adding another budget item type, click this dropdown and select the type of budget item type you would like to add.
    Click "Next" to move to the next phase of the budget request.
    Click "Student Group Event"
    Select your student group from the "Primary student group requester" drop-down. *If you have other student groups co-hosting this event, select them in the "Other co-requestor student groups" field. **This is not mandatory.***
    **Primary Student Contact** The name of this student is the primary contact who will be responsible for ordering food, requesting and picking up supplies, etc.
    Add the primary student contact for the event by clicking the "Primary contact" field. Start typing and *wait for suggestions*.
    Click the name of the student primary contact once it appears to select this individual.
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