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    Create Expense Report for Non-Billable Project

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    - Expense Reports are to be submitted weekly - Expense Reports that are approved on Monday/Tuesday will be reimbursed by Friday the same week

    Create Expense Report

    - Verify your Payment Election is setup for Expense Payments **before** submitting your first expense report. - The Payment Election task can be found via the Workday Homepage: [[Menu]] > [[Apps]] > [[Pay]]
    - To create an expense report via the Expenses Hub, - Click [[Menu]] on the top left corner - Under Apps, click [[Expenses Hub]]
    - Click [[Create Expense Report]]
    You can also type [[Create Expense Report]] in the Workday Search Bar to get to the next screen

    Expense Report Header

    Creation Options: - [[Create New Expense Report]] will be automatically selected - [[Copy Previous Expense Report]] will be available after you've created your first expense report
    - Enter [[Memo]] (this will be the name/title of your expense report)
    The [[Company]] field will default to what is listed on your WD Employee Profile - **For Billable Expense Reports:** - Change [[Company]] to match the company linked to the Project - **For Non-Billable Expense Reports:** - Confirm [[Company]] matches the company per your employee profile
    The [[Company]] field **cannot be edited** after clicking [[OK]]
    - The [[Expense Report Date]] will default to the current date - The [[Company on Expense Line]] field must match the [[Company]] field
    - Select a [[Business Purpose]] from the drop down list
    Click this icon.
    - Select [[Project Task]] (this field can be edited per expense line) - The [[Cost Center]] will autofill
    - Confirm [[Enable Tax]] is checked
    - Click [[OK]]

    View / Edit Header Information

    - Click [[Edit]]
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