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    Create FOC US Order w/ Approval Process

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    Start from SalesRep account. Each SalesRep account is synced with SAP
    Select '**Orders**' tab
    Select '**New**' Order button
    Select '**FOC US**' Order and Next
    Click on "**FoC Reason**" field to view picklist values
    Alert! FOC US Orders are limited to 1 of 3 **FOC Reasons**. Any scenario beyond the 3 listed below, ask your Manager **FoC Reason 1 = Business Model** Meters or any product to Patients. Ex. Guide Me product not consumable and not available at Miles **FoC Reason 2 = Demo** Any product to end with HCP/HCO **FoC Reason 3 = Training** For the purpose of training Patients, HCPs & HCOs. Strips (not part of a kit) handed out to Patients are considered "Training"
    FOC Reason selection: 3 values are: Business Model, Demo and Training
    Enter "**Order Date**". Order Date is a required field. **NOTE**: **Order Date** reflects the date the order was created; however it is separate from (and may differ) from the **Activated Date**. **Activated Date** is the date the Approver approved the Order.
    Enter the "**Requested Delivery Date**". This field is the future date the Customer is expected to receive the Order based on Standard shipping.
    Alert! The Requested Delivery date should **not** mirror the Order or Activated date fields. The Request Delivery Date is set 5 business days AFTER the Order Date
    Click on **Status** field and select "**Draft**" picklist value
    Select the "**Approver**" field and enter your Manager's name
    Click on "**Shipping Country**" field and select "**United States**"
    Click "**Shipping Method**" field and select "**Standard**". Standard is ground shipment which is roughly 4 - 6 business days. Express and Urgent methods are more expensive and require additional approvals.
    Click the "**Recipient Name**" field and enter the full name
    Click the "**Shipping Country**" field and select **United States**
    Click the "**Shipping Street**" field and enter the street address
    Select "**Shipping City**, **State & Zip Code**" fields and enter the address
    Click "**Save**" once Shipping Address fields are complete.
    Next, "**Add Products**" to your FOC US Draft Order
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