Create Login to Access Person Profile | Scribe

    Create Login to Access Person Profile

        Go to []( Click create an account.
        Complete all required fields. Rock will use this information to match with your Person Profile in Rock. Start by creating a new Username and Password.
        Click Next.
        Select the account that matches you or select "none of these are me." Click next.
        Rock will send you an email confirming your Account Creation. Login to your email and select the email.
        Click "Confirm Account."
        Open a new browser and enter the url []( and login!
        Update and edit your profile and family information !
        If the information looks incorrect or is missing and you cannot edit, scroll to the bottom and "Request Addtional Changes." Someone will reach out to you soon!
        This Scribe is in tip-top shape!Leave feedback if there are any issues with this Scribe