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    Create Multiple Invoice Proposals

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    Update Billing Schedule

    **Auto-Submit Invoices for Approval** must be selected on the Billing Schedule Header before creating an Invoice Proposal
    - On the Project Record, navigate to the [[Financials]] tab - Click [[Contract/Billing]] subtab - Click [[...]] next to Billing Schedule name
    - Under Actions, hover over [[Billing Schedule]] - Click [[Edit Schedule Header]]
    - Select [[Auto-Submit Invoices for Approval]]
    - Click [[OK]]
    - Click [[Submit]]
    - Click [[OK]]

    Create Multiple Invoice Proposals

    - In the Workday Search Bar, type [[Manage Project Billing Transactions]]
    - Using the MPBT search criteria box, look up the project(s) you are ready to create invoice proposals for
    - In this example, two **Project Owners** were selected which will automatically capture all of their projects - You can also search for all projects under the **Project Hierarchy** or **Customer** fields, as well as individual projects in the **Billable Projects** field
    When creating multiple invoice proposals, the settings outlined in red below are recommended. - [[Show Unbillable Transactions]] can be checked or unchecked, as this only reflects on the [[Summary]] page - Uncheck [[Review Transactions by Source]] - Check [[Review Transactions in Detail]] - Click [[OK]]
    - On the MPBT detail screen, click [[Billing Status]] on the header to create a [[Filter]]
    - In the [[Value]] field, select [[Ready to Bill]]
    - Click [[Filter]]
    - Once all the [[Ready to Bill]] transactions are displayed - Checkmark the top box to 'select all'
    - Click [[Create Invoice Proposal]]
    - Click [[Refresh]]

    Print Multiple Draft Invoice Proposals

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