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    Create New Commission Schedule

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    • 4 minutes

      Copy an Existing Commission Schedule

      Tip! While you can make a commission schedule from scratch, best practice is to make a copy of an existing commission schedule and then make the necessary edits needed.
      Click "Commission Schedules"
      Click "Commission Schedule Library"
      Click "+Commission Schedule"
      Select "Library" from the select commission schedules dropdown
      Enter the Name of the new commission schedule
      Select which plan from the library to make a copy of
      Click "Save"
      Click "OK"

      Edit Critical Settings of New Commission Schedule

      Click "Edit Details"
      Verify/edit name of commission schedule
      Add description field (optional)
      Select/Edit Commission Schedule Strategy
      For Accumulation plans - select the commission source for accumulation purposes
      Select if this plan needs to account for side count regarding accumulation
      Click "No"
      Click "No"
      Verify minimum and maximum commission rates are set to 0-100%
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