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    Create Project | Project Plan | Resource Plan

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    Create Project

    In the Workday search bar, type [[Create Project]]
    In the Create Project pop-up window, select the [[Project Hierarchy]]
    Click [[OK]]
    Enter [[Project Name]]
    Enter [[Start Date]] and [[End Date]]
    Project [[End Date]] is required to enter a budget
    In the [[Status]] field, select [[Active]]
    The [[Owner]] field will default to the person creating the project record and must be changed to the assigned Project Manager
    Enter PM assigned to the Project in the [[Owner]] field
    The [[Project ID]] is system generated, leave this field blank
    Select [[Include Project ID in Name]] (optional)
    Select [[Billable]] for all revenue generating projects
    If the [[Billable]] field is not selected, you will not be able to link the project to a contract line.
    Select [[Company]]
    Select [[Customer]]
    In the [[Project Groups]] field, select [[Comments Required on Time Entry]]
    In the [[External Project Reference]] field, enter [[Salesforce ID]]
    Under the [[Worktags]] tab, select [[Target Company]]
    The [[Target Company]] should follow the [[Company]] selected.\ e.g. Company: LE036 / Target Company: TC036
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