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    Create Timesheet (Block Time) (Copy)

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    Access Time App

    **Key Points & Deadlines** - Time should be entered **daily**, submitted **weekly** - Workweek: Monday - Sunday - Pay periods: 1st – 15th and 16th thru end of month - Timesheets Lock on the 16th and the at 11:00AM PST, and **must** be submitted and approved prior to lock - Timesheets are unlocked 2 days after locked – missed time can be inputted or edited - Time can be edited for 60 days from period start date - Time **cannot** be submitted in advance
    - On the Workday Homepage, navigate to the [[Time]] App - You can also access your Apps via the [[Menu]] on the top right of the screen
    - On the **Enter Time** window, select [[This Week]]

    Enter Time Block

    - Click on the [[Day]] you want to enter time for
    - In **Time Type** field, enter [[Project Task]]
    - Enter [[Hours]]
    - Enter [[Comment]]
    - Click [[OK]]

    Enter Time by Type (Grid View)

    - The current week will be displayed - You can toggle to prior weeks using the arrows next to the date range - Click [[Actions]]
    - Select [[Enter Time by Type]]
    - Under **Time Type**, search for [[Project Task]]
    Enter [[Total Hours]] per day
    - Scroll to the right - Click [[Comments]]
    - Enter [[Comments ]]for each day
    - Click [[Done]]
    - Click [[(+)]] to add new [[Project Task]] - Repeat process for any additional Project Tasks
    - Once finished, click [[OK]]
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