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    Create Your TC Talent Resume in Google Docs

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    Click this link and select "make a copy" <>
    Click "Make a copy"
    Click the name of the document text field.
    Name it with your name, in this format "First Last TC Talent Resume"\ \ For example, it would look like this: "Jane Doe TC Talent Resume"
    Enter your name at the top, with initial Caps. \ Make sure your name is the largest size on the resume, bolder and larger than "TC Talent"
    Double-click here to edit whether or not you are SAG/AFTRA.
    Enter your accurate stats here, this is what will be sent for wardrobe to fit you.
    Enter your height in feet and inches, for example 5'6"
    Enter your weight in pounds
    Enter your current hair color or style (eg. bald, red, blonde, dreads)
    Enter your eye color
    Enter your shirt size. If you wear mens shirts - enter in 00x00 format for dress shirts. If you wear blouses -enter blouse size number/s (eg. 6-8)
    Enter your pant size. If you wear men's pants - enter in 00x00 format. If you wear women's pants -enter pant size number/s (eg. 6-8)
    Enter your suit/dress size. If you wear a men's suit - enter in 00L/R/S format. If you wear women's dress -enter dress size number/s (eg. 6-8). Then delete either the word "suit" or "dress" to specify the correct garment.
    Enter your shoe size\ \ If you have a half size in any stat, write it with a .5\ \ Check all of your stats for accuracy, then we're ready to move onto the experience sections!
    Copy/paste or enter the name of the production in the left column
    Enter character names in the center column, if no character name existed for the role, write the level of the role (eg. Principal, Ensemble, etc)
    Enter the production company in the right column, this is mandatory. It is optional to list the director's name. If you do, list it with the production company name, followed by a comma, ", Dir." for director, and the director's name.
    Continue this process through each section that you have at least 1 production in. \ \ If you don't have credits in a particular category, you can delete the category, details on how to do that appear later in this guide.
    Enter your degree, certification, or course names in the left column of the Training section, with the Institution or Instructor in the center column, with nothing in the far right column.

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