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    Create a Company Account

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    • 3 minutes
    Click "Create Company Account"
    Fill in your company information as it appears on the Australian Business Register.
    Click "Look Up"
    Select company name from drop-down box
    Enter company email address.
    Click "Next"
    If you have read and agree to the terms and conditions, click this checkbox.
    Click "Submit"
    Choose how you would like to setup your Account Owner’s employee account. > This process will demonstrate sign-up using your email address.
    Click the “Email Address” field and enter your details.
    Click "Send verification code"
    You would have been sent an email with a verification code. Navigate to your email inbox and copy this code.
    Click the “Verification Code” field and enter your code.
    Click "Verify code"
    Fill in the remaining fields.
    Click "Create"
    Enter the login detail you just created and click "Sign In"
    You have now created your Smartek account.
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