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    Create a Email Template in Salesforce Lightning

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    Open the App Launcher.
    Type "email templates"
    Click "Email Templates"
    Click "New Email Template"
    Name your Email Template
    Click here.
    Click "Select Folder"
    Click "Select Folder"
    Click the "Subject" field. Give your email a subject (this is what the recipient will see).
    Click "Save"
    Click "Edit in Builder"
    You can now add different elements and layouts to your template.
    To add an image, drop the Image element into the template. Then find your image file (or upload a new one).
    Click "Upload Image"
    Click "Style"
    Click the "objectFit" field.
    Click "Scale Down"
    Let's add text for our email body. Click here and drag this into the email template below the image.
    Let's personalize the email. Click "Merge Fields"
    Click the "Search" field.
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