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    Create a Jira ticket in HubSpot

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    Open your ticket in HubSpot.
    Navigate to the righthand column, and scroll down until you find the Jira integration. Click "Associate Jira issue"
    If there is already a Jira ticket for the item, click "Choose Jira issue"
    Type in the Jira number and select the Jira ticket from the dropwdown. Then click "Attach Jira issue."
    If you're creating a NEW ticket, click "Create new Jira issue"
    Click "Select a Project"
    Click "DEV (DEV)"
    Click "Select a Issue Type"
    Click "Task" if this is just engineering work and NOT a bug fix.
    Click "Bug" if you are reporting a bug.
    Click the "Summary" field and name the Jira ticket with a brief summary of the issue.
    Click the "Description" field and provide more context on the issue. Include a more detailed synopsis of the bug, screen recordings recreating the issue, etc.
    Drag and drop any screenshots of the issue into the "Attachments" section.
    Click "Create Jira issue" to integrate the new item with your HubSpot ticket.
    Please add the newly created JIRA item to our JIRA Issues tracker using the following steps:
    Open the JIRA issues tracker here: [](
    Click "JIRA Support Items" if this came through a Support ticket and is related to our Product
    Enter the JIRA Issue number
    Paste the HubSpot ticket URL link here
    Enter the title of the issue as it appears in JIRA

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