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    Create a New Lead

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    From Sales Console, select the drop down arrow on the Home tab
    Select "Leads"
    **New Leads can be a Prescriber or Non Prescriber.[[ ]]The primary focus is prescribers; however, non-prescribers can represent an important point of contact.[[ ]]**
    Select "New"
    Select 'Sales Lead', then 'Next'
    Alert: Always enter a genuine First & Last Name, Suffix and Title in each new lead. If the Provider already exists in SFDC; then add a note in the 'description' field. For ex: "Jane Doe, MD already in SF at ACC-00xxxxxxx. Existing Contact moved to this new Account. Include source such as an email or website
    Enter First & Last Name and Suffix fields. Suffix is a 2-6 character acronym. For ex: MD, DO, PA, CDE, RD, NP, PharmD, CPhT or RPh
    'Company' name is a required field. For an existing Account, enter the Account name as it appears in SFDC (Copy & Paste from SFDC). If you're unable to find an Account, then type the new Company name w/ a note in the 'description' field located at the bottom of the page. i.e. 1. New Contact & Account, 2. Add New Contact to existing Account or 3. Move existing Contact to a New Account.
    Enter "Title". Title is spelled out completely, do not enter a Suffix value in the Title field. For ex. Title = Certified Diabetes Educator Suffix = CDE
    NPI Number is a 10 digit number for Health Care Providers. If a NPI # is not found for a new lead (Contact), then enter 'N/A'.
    Alert! New Account Types and Sub-types. Only the values listed here will be accepted moving forward.
    Select Account Type. For ex: 'Medical Practice or Hospital'
    Update Account Sub-Type field using values listed above.
    Alert! New Contact Types and Sub-types. Only the values listed here will be accepted moving forward.
    Update Contact Type field. For ex. Healthcare Professional or Commercial/Administrative
    Update Contact Sub-Type field. For ex. Endocrinologist
    Enter Address fields. Country, Street, City, State and Zip Code
    Add 'Phone' field. Format is +1-317-555-1234
    NOTE: When creating a new lead, you may receive a '***Similar Records Exist***' warning. Select the *View Duplicate* link to learn more details
    Email is preferred for new Lead (Contact) creation but not required at this time. Tip: Roche Digital Marketing can better support Sales when an email is provided.
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