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    Create a Windows Installation USB Using Windows Media Creation tool

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      Creating a Windows 11 Installation USB

      Things you will need: 1. A computer running Windows - the Creation Tool will not run on Mac or Linux 2. A blank USB flash drive with at least 8gb capacity
      Type "Windows Media creation tool" into your search engine and hit ENTER
      Click "Create Installation Media for Windows" Make sure you are choosing the official website! Direct link: <>
      Choose Windows 10 or 11 depending on which version you would like to install. Most computers from 2020 and later can run Windows 11. If you do need to install windows 10, it will still be supported with updates until late 2025. You can check whether or not your PC can run Windows 11 here with the Windows PC Health Check app: <>
      Click "Download Now"
      If your browser asks, choose where you would like to download the file, then click "Save"
      Plug in your USB flash drive. The data on this drive will be wiped to create the Windows installer, so don't leave anything important on the drive.
      Navigate to where the file was downloaded, then click to open
      The Creation Tool window will open up. Scroll to the bottom of the terms and conditions, then press 'Accept'
      Choose a language for your operating system, then click 'Next'
      Choose the USB flash drive option, then click 'Next'
      Choose your flash drive from the dropdown menu. \ \ If you have multiple external drives plugged in, you will have to make sure you are choosing the correct USB device.
      Wait for the tool to download and create the Windows installer on your flash drive. This can take a while, up to an hour depending on the speed of the PC and the USB flash drive.
      Click "Finish"

      Congratulations, you have successfully created a Windows installation USB!

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