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    Create a joined report

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      Click "Reports" Click "New Report"
      Click "Accounts" Click "Continue"
      Select the Report Type. Click "Joined Report". Click "Apply". Click "Add Block"
      Click "Opportunities" Click "Add Block"
      Delete all unnecessary fields. Click "Filters" Click "Current FQ (Apr 1, 2021 - Jun 30, 2021)" Click "Current FQ" Click "All Time" Click "Apply"
      Click "My accounts" Click "On or after Jun 23, 2021" Click "All Time" Click "Apply"
      Click "Show Fields"
      Click "Common Fields" checkbox. Click "Outline" Click the "Add group..." field. Select the fields that are common to both blocks, such as "Account Name" and "Type".
      Click the "Add group..." field. Click "Type"
      Click the "Add group..." field.
      Delete the unnecessary fields.
      Click "Save & Run"
      Click the "Report Name" field.
      Click "Save"
      Type "Opportunities per Account Type"
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