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    Create a personalized catalog depending on employees' department

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      Navigate to [](
      If your company's departments are already set up on the platform and your employees already have been attributed a department, you can skip the first few steps of this tutorial.

      Create your company's departments

      Click "Settings"
      Click "Company Profile"
      Click "Departments"
      You can see your company's departments (teams) and modify them if needs be
      To add a department, click "Add new department"

      Assign departments to employees

      Click "Employees"
      Start by selecting one or several employees
      Click on "Change Departments"
      Choose the adequate department

      Assign specific items to a department

      Click "Purchase"
      Choose for whom the purchase is and click "Continue" — choose any option if you just want to access the catalog
      Explore the catalog to find the device you're looking for
      Once you've found the item you were looking for, click this icon to add it to your favorites
      Click on the dropdown menu
      Select the department.s you want this item to be displayed as a favorite
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