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    Create a recurrent task in Asana

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    Examples of recurrent tasks to create: Daily (Mon-Fri) • Review Email/Asana Inbox Weekly • Weekly planning Monthly • Project Status Update (30 of each month) Now, not all tasks need to be recurrent, there may be tasks to create one time, or as needed, we will call them one off tasks. One off tasks, NO NEED TO CREATE THEM RIGHT NOT, just make sure to have a task in Asana for the action you'll be doing. If you are going to work on something and there is no task, create the task, for example: • Research ___ • Document process for ___ • Answer client phone call. ✋ Now I want you to stop for a second, please do not worry right now for how it will work in Asana, with this work we are just preparing the foundations.
    Considerations. For the following actions you will/should receive a task in Asana from the person requesting it (it should be in the process and workflows) - no action for you to create these tasks, just make sure to track the time within the tasks assigned to you: • Meetings. All meetings must have an agenda (task) for all attendees to track time within that task. The person requesting the meeting is the responsible to creating the meeting note task and adding all participants as collaborators. • Onboarding, Training, and similar projects. You will receive the corresponding task to track your time while you are receiving onboarding and/or training.
    Navigate to Asana.
    Click the orange plus (+) icon in the top right (or left if your Asana sidebar has changed) corner to "Create new" task.
    Type "Check in with the Inbox" for the task name.
    Click the calendar "📅" icon to set the due date and recurrence of the task. 💡 For example I'm setting a daily recurrence from Monday to Friday only.
    Click "Create task"
    💡 Helpful hint: I use the calendar view throughout my workday, and I always start my day with my Inbox, so I set a time for 9 am each day. In this way, the task will be at the top of my day list.
    Click "Create Task".
    [This is how I will see the task in my calendar]
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