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    Create an Automation in Airtable

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    Click "Automations"
    Click here. "Create Automation"
    Click "When a form is submitted"
    Click "Select a table"
    Click "šŸ† Wins šŸ†"
    Click here. "Select a Form"
    Click "Submit your win"
    Click "Use suggested record" šŸšØ You MUST have a record in order for it to work. Submit a dummy entry if necessary"
    Click here.
    Click "Send message"
    Click "Select Slack account"
    Click here. and find the channel
    Click here. This is where you will write the message sent to Slack
    Click here. Click the plus sign You can select data points you'd like sent to your Slack message
    Click "Generate Preview"
    Click "Test Automation"
    Click "Select a record"
    Click here.
    Click "Run automation" Wait for the "Success" message
    Turn the automation ON
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