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    Create an Average Column in the Gradebook

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    Within the course, click "Gradebook"
    Click on the plus sign in between or at the end of Gradebook columns.
    Click "Add Calculation"
    Title the column "Written Exam Average." Then, Select a grade schema by clicking the dropdown menu. Select Percentage.
    From the Functions and Variables box, click on "Average." This will add the function to the calculation.
    Now, the tests must be added to the Average calculation. Click on "AVG ( )". Clicking this will show a dropdown menu containing two main sections. First, course categories. Categories can be selected as a whole. The second section is Coursework, which listed individual assignments, exams, and any other Gradebook columns.
    If all exams are contained within one category, e.g. "Tests," then the single category can be checked for the Average calculation.
    If the exams do not exist within the same category, the exams should be checked a la carte. All exams must be selected.
    Once all categories or coursework is checked, click "Save."
    There should be an icon above the functions table that indicates it is a "Valid Expression." Click "×" to return to the Gradebook.
    In the Gradebook, a new column should appear. This column should be set as a percentage, and will be the average of the Written Exams.
    Clicking on the percentage will show the point value. Clicking again will return it to percentage.
    This concludes adding an average column to a course.
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