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    Create an Offline Focus Group

    • Anthony Sinclair |
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      Navigate to [](
      Click the project you wish to create the offline focus group within
      Click "Create Interview"
      Click "Offline"
      Click "Next"
      Click "Focus Group"
      Click "Next"
      Click the "Interview Title" field, to enter the name of the study
      Click "Select country"
      Click the target market you require. You can also type the name of the country to find it quicker.
      Click "Select language"
      Click the participant language you require
      Click here to upload an image for the study
      Click "Select duration"
      Click the duration of the session you require
      Click "+" or "-" to change the number of sessions you require
      Click here to publicly advertise the study on our platform
      Click here to enter the incentive amount the respondents will receive for this study
      Click "Next"
      This is the "Optional Settings", please see our dedicated instruction manual for this page. Click "Next", once you have finished on this page

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