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    Create and embed a kanban board in Airtable

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    Navigate to [](
    Select the table you wish to use and click "Kanban".
    Choose the category you'd like to group your kanban board by. In this case, click "Category" to group all records by their category. Click "Done".
    To change the way your kanban is stacked, click "Stacked by Category". Then, click "Project lead" to stack by project lead, instead. When you're ready, click "Done".
    Click "Sort" to change the way cards are sorted on your kanban board.
    Click "Pick a field to sort by" and select the desired field.
    To filter the cards on your kanban board, click "Filter".
    Click "Add condition".
    To only view records that have been completed, select the category "Complete", then select "is", and then click the check box.
    Click away from the filtering menu to view the filtered records.
    To embed this board, click "Share view".
    Click "Create a sharable kanban view link".
    Click "Embed this view on your site".
    A new tab will open containing the code to embed your table. Paste the code into your destination of choice.
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