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    Creating 2D Layouts for a specific number of Pax / Capacity

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    Start the Auto Layout Wizard for the venue for which you want to generate the layout(s)
    In order to know how to start the Auto Layout Wizard, view this Knowledge Base article - [](
    Verify the dimensions of your venue and click "Continue"
    Click the "I want to generate layouts for these number of pax" option. Specify the number of pax and click "Continue"
    System will now evaluate the possible options to seat the specified number of pax. You can select the ones that match your requirement and click "Continue"
    It is possible at this stage that system is not able to generate any suitable options to seat the number of people specified by you. In this case, click "Previous" and try with a different number of pax
    Click this checkbox.
    System will generate the layout options for you
    The layouts generated by ALW are lost once you exit the last screen of the wizard. Therefore make sure that you save the layout by clicking on "Save to My Layouts". Only the layouts that have been saved to my layouts are available for further action on the "My Layouts" screen.

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