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    Creating Requests and On-Site Assessments in Jobber

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    Log In To Jobber

    Navigate to [](

    Creating A New Request From Menu

    Click "Create"
    Click this icon.

    Creating a Request From The Dashboard

    Click "New Request"

    Assigning A Request To a Client

    Click here.

    Assigning To A Lead Not Yet In Jobber

    Click "Create New Client"
    Complete the client information and custom fields and click "Create Client"

    Assigning A Request To An Existing Client

    Click here.
    Click here.

    Request Titles

    Click the "Request title" field to help give context to the requests and detail to the calendar

    Request Form & Additional Details

    Fields can be checked on the request form based on the information you have for the request.

    If An On-Site Assessment Is Required

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