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    Creating Your First Workflow

    • Haley Power |
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    • 10 minutes
    Navigate to [](
    Login with Facebook
    Click "Continue as (Your Profile Name)"
    Click on the page you want to create an automated DM sequence for
    Click "Workflows"
    Select "Add New Workflow"
    Click "Blank Workflow"
    Click the "Workflow name" field and enter a name for your DM automation
    Click "Step Title"
    Double-click the "Step name" field.
    Name your Step
    Tip! A Step is a media block in your automated DM workflow
    Click "Text Message"
    Type your introductory message. " [[enter]]"
    You can add another text box if you'd like. The idea here is to write as if you were engaging in a text message.
    Complete all text you would like in your first step.
    If you're going to capture emails or other data in a message, add a call-to-action (CTA).
    To capture a user's information, Click this icon for "User Input."
    Click "Ask Your Subscriber For Information"
    Click "Settings"

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