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    Creating a 3rd Party URL Redirect

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    Navigate to [](
    Navigate to the 'Third Party URL Redirects' tab and click on the 'Create New Landing Page' Button
    Provide a name for the landing page.
    Select the landing page type. In this case the landing page type would be 'Third Party URL Redirect'
    Click on the 'Create' Button. You will be redirected to the landing page wizard
    Click on the 'Third Party URL' field. Here you can add the URL in which you want your customers to land when the link in the message is clicked.
    To have a redirect to a custom URL with pre-filled customer details, provide the URL and click on the dropdown next to the URL field
    Select the personalisation that you require and click on the 'Insert' Button
    For eg: You have a custom form-filling URL in which you want to auto populate your customer details. By adding the custom URL with our personalisation features, the URL would look something like this
    Fill in all the other necessary fields. To have a link preview thumbnail, you could either add an existing image or upload a new one.
    Once all the necessary steps have been performed, click on the 'Save and Close' Button to save the landing page
    When the customer clicks on the link in their phone, the page to which the customer gets redirected would look like the image below
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