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    Creating a Class Team for Group Project and Rehearsal

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    Tip! There are many ways you can get to Microsoft Teams. This is just one of them!
    Navigate to [](
    Click "ONLINE TOOLS"
    Click "Microsoft Teams" (depending on your view, you may have to click 'view more online tools' to find this and you may have to log in.)
    Open "Microsoft Teams" - click Teams to create a team
    Click "Join or Create team" if this is your first time creating your team
    Click "Create Team"
    Click "Create a class team Discussions, group projects, assignments"
    Name your team and invite members by adding their email addresses
    Tip! You can schedule a meeting in advance too. If you add your group members email addresses to the calendar invite, it should send a request them too.
    When you're ready to meet, click Meet
    Click "New channel meeting"
    Type "Group Rehearsal (Or Final Presentation)"
    Click "Camera" to turn on your camera
    Join Now to start
    To share with your group members click Copy meeting link or add participants
    Click "Share content (Ctrl+Shift+E)" to display the powerpoint
    Select your powerpoint
    Click "More"
    Click "More"
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