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    Creating a Form, Branching Questions, and Form Settings in Asana

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    Once in the project where you would like the form to go, click "customize" in the upper right hand corner.
    Select "form" in the "customize" side bar which will open on the right hand side.
    Click "Add form"
    The form has multiple question types which can be added. You can use any combination of these.

    Branching Questions in a Form

    Click "Multi-select"
    Multi-select and drop down questions will allow you to use a branching feature. This means option 1 will take you to a different follow up question than option 2. You use this feature by clicking the "add a branch" button next to the option you want to branch off of.
    For example, if I want option 1 to lead to a date question, I would select the branching button and then add a date question under option 1.
    You can also add a separate branch under option 2.
    Click this icon.
    Click "Drag a question into this branch"

    Form Settings- Change Which Form Question Becomes the Task Name

    Click "Settings"
    Under "select a field for task titles", click the drop down menu.
    Select which question you would like to become the task name when the form submission is sent to your project.
    You can also add a confirmation message which would be sent to the person submitting's Asana messages.
    Click "Done"
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