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    Creating a Giving Form and Campaign Page on Ribbon Giving

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    Creating a Giving Form

    Click "GIVING"
    Click "Forms"
    Click "NEW FORM"
    Enter the Form Name (which will identify it later) and the Call To Action field, which will be displayed on the donation form itself (see arrow).
    Set your primary and secondary colors. The preview will give you a live view of your selections.
    Enter the suggested donation amounts here.
    You're able to create multiple giving forms and campaign pages, so you may want to consider creating a giving form for individual donors, and one for corporate donors, if appropriate. You can also create a giving form for specific fundraisers.
    You may toggle the options that you want for your giving form here. The "Other Amount" allows for a custom donation option. The "Display Cover Fees" options allows donors to opt in to covering the credit card processing fees. Research indicates that 70%+ of donors will cover these fees if the option is presented to them.

    Obtaining the Embeddable Code for Your Website

    Every giving form comes with an embeddable code that you can put onto your website.
    Click on "Copy Code" in order to paste it directly onto your website staging platform.
    Click "SAVE"

    Creating A Campaign Page

    Click "GIVING"
    Click "Campaigns"
    Click "New Campaign" or the pencil to edit an existing campaign page.
    There are no limits to the number of campaign pages that you create! If you'd like a fundraiser-specific page, or a particular campaign-specific page, feel free to create as many as you'd like!
    Enter and Campaign Title and a Campaign Goal ($ amount)
    Click "UPLOAD COVER PHOTO" which will serve as your campaign's photo.
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