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    Creating a Google Form Step-by-Step Guide

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      Navigate to Google Apps.
      Click on Forms.
      Use a template or click blank to create one from scratch.
      Title the Form.
      Ask your first question.
      Click the plus to add another question.
      You can repeat this as many times as needed to complete your form.
      There are many types of responses that you can choose from.
      Once you have the form complete, click responses to create the response spreadsheet.
      Click link to sheets.
      Give the response spreadsheet a name.
      Click create.
      The spreadsheet will open, and you will need to go back to the form tab.
      To send the form to your clients to complete, click send.
      Choose email, link or embed. Most of the time, I use email.
      If you want to shorten the link, you can.
      Copy the link and then paste in the email or message you want to send to your client.
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