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    Creating a Makeup or Pre-release Exam Submission in RegisterBlast

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      Please do not use the Safari browser to access RegisterBlast.
      Select the RegisterBlast link in the navigation panel of your Canvas course. On the submissions page, click the three vertical dots to the left of the exam you wish to create a make-up or pre-release for. Select the "Clone" link to copy the exam submission.
      Change the Exam Name to "Exam #1 - Makeup" or something similar to indicate that it is a make-up or pre-release exam. You will also need to change the **start and end dates.** Please note the system will not accept less than two days for an exam to be open.\ \ If you have issues with selecting two days, please submit with three and email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with your desired times.
      In the "Additional Information" section, please change the question "Is this a Make-up exam request" to YES.
      Please check that the "Additional Information" section is correct before moving on to the next section.
      The Eligibility and Restrictions section indicates to the Test Center who should be taking the make-up or pre-release exam. Please put the student(s) email address in this location. Only students who are in the restriction section will be able to secure an appointment.
      Click "Submit" once you are ready to submit to the Test Center for approval. Please note that Test Center staff will not approve a make-up exam until after the initial exam has closed.
      Alert! This only allows the student to schedule with the Test Center. You must also add them to the "assign" section of your Canvas course in order to give them access to the exam.
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