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    Creating a Project Template in Asana

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    Click "Create"
    Click "Project"
    Select "Use a template"
    Select "create a blank project".
    Name the project and make sure to select that the project is private to project members.
    Click "Private to project members"
    Click "Continue"
    Click "Go to project"
    Once the project is created, select the actions arrow next to the project name.
    Click "Save as template"
    Change the privacy settings to either "private" or "anyone in team can use" depending on who the template is being made for.
    Click "Only people you've invited can use or edit this template"
    Click "Create template"
    You can now add any customization needed in the template like fields, sections, tasks, etc.
    Once all changes have been made to the template, Click "Done". The template is now available for use.
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