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    Creating a Salesforce Report

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    Click "Analytics". You can also click "Reports" if you have not enabled the Analytics tab.
    Click "Create"
    Click "Report"
    Select your report type. Report Types are made up of the different Salesforce objects (i.e. Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, etc). The best practice for report types is to select the one that has the *least* number of objects based on the data you want. For example, if I only want data that lives on an Opportunity, I am going to choose the Opportunity report type. But if I want Opportunity fields *and* Account fields from the related account (like address) then you want an Opportunities with Account report.
    Click "Start Report"
    Now you can edit the data in the report and change its format. Let's start with Filters.
    Click "Opportunity Status"
    In this report I only want to see my "Closed Won" opportunities so lets update that filter.
    Click "Apply"
    Lets group our data and add some information. Click "Outline"
    Click "Opportunity Owner" and drag and drop it into the "Group Rows" field.
    Let's add a column grouping as well. Click the "Add group..." field.
    Click "Close Date"
    Click "Show Fields". This will show you all available fields for your report.
    The preview does not refresh automatically as you are making changes. Click "Refresh" to see the latest preview.
    Lets group our date by Month. Click the drop down arrow next to Close Date in the preview.
    Click "Calendar Month"
    Click "Refresh"
    If you don't want to have to click Refresh each time to see the updated preview, you can toggle on the "Update Preview Automatically" option. Be careful - if your report has a lot of data this may slow you down.
    Let's adjust our date filter. Click "Filters"
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