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    Creating a Shareable/Embeddable Gallery View

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    Click this icon next to the title of your CommandCenter.
    Click "View data"
    You're going to see a lot of tabs here. Click here to scroll to the end of the list of tabs.
    Locate & click the "🖥️ Affiliate Links" tab.
    On the lefthand panel, click the "My Toolbox" view. If you don't see this panel, click "Views" that the orange arrow is showing.
    Once on the gallery view, click "Share view"

    Share Option #1: Link

    Click "Create link to view"
    Click "Copy link"
    Click "Link settings" to customize the permissions of viewers of this link.

    Share Option #2: Embed

    Click "Embed this view"
    Another window/tab will open with an embed code. Copy the code and paste in into wherever you are embedding it.

    Disable Link

    Click "Disable link"
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