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    Creating a Transcript Report

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      Long into your WV STARS account and navigate to the Reports page from the left menu. Find the Transcript Report and click "Create"

      Report Settings

      In the "Report Name:" field, type the name of your report.
      Click the "E-mail Address:" field and add your email address if you'd like to receive the report via email. This is optional. This can be beneficial if you schedule reports.
      Click this dropdown and choose HTML or .csv. The HTML report will open in your browser, and a .csv report will open in Excel or another spreadsheet.

      Report Frequency

      If this is a one time report, click "Not Scheduled", then jump to step 8.
      If you want this report to run automatically on a specific schedule, click "Scheduled Report"
      In the next section, determine the report frequency: Daily - Report will run on selected days Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly - Report will run at a selected frequency based on "Start Date:" below. Run Time - the time your report will run Start Date - the date your scheduled report will begin running End Date - the date your scheduled reports will stop automating. You can leave this blank.

      User Criteria

      User criteria tells us who we want this report to be about. Start by click ing "Specific User(s)"
      The page will refresh with more options. If you want to run a report on all your staff, your Child Care Center will appear in the "Hierarchy Node:" line automatically - jump to step 11.
      If you want to report on a few specific users, you have a few search options. You can search by first name, last name, and/or STARS Registry ID number.
      Click "Search" - This will search our users and pull anyone who meets your search results into the "Searched Items" box below.
      Optional: Click "Automatically Add Search Results to "Selected List" to skip the "Searched Items" list and add the results right to the "Selected List"
      Click the checkbox next to the users to indicate who you want to include in the report, then click "Add Checked Search Items To Selected List"
      If you want to select all users, you can click "Select All".
      Only users in the "Selected" box will be on the report.
      If you want to remove anyone from the Selected List, simply click the checkbox next to their name and click the red "Remove Checked Items From Selected List"

      Date Criteria

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