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    Creating a new view for your zones dashboard

    • Gabriel Nessim Schloser |
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      Click "Edit Dashboard".
      Click "Add new view" or the plus icon next to the existing views.
      Give your new view a name. You can also choose your view's layout to be horizontal or vertical.
      Click "Browse" to to find and upload your view's image. Aerial pictures and floor plans tend to work really well.
      Once you're done editing your view's image, click "Save View" to move onto the next step.
      Now you can click on the image to add existing project zones to your view.
      Find and select the zone you'd like to add to the view.
      You can give your zone's container a specific pin location to help with legibility.
      Remember to click "Save" before adding another zone. Otherwise, the zone won't be added to the view.
      You're all set! You can click on "Back to Dashboard" to navigate back to the dashboard experience.

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