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    Creating an Advocacy Landing Page

    • Lindsay Ruan |
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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Landing Pages"
    Type in your page slug (the text that will appear at the end of your page URL)
    Choose your page template. Here I chose to use an Advocacy Page.
    Click "SAVE" to begin customizing your page.
    Tip! You will not be able to see page's customizations until selecting "Publish"
    In the header section, you may upload your organization's logo and a background image. Click "Story" to navigate to the next tab.
    In the "Story" section, you can use the different fields to describe your cause.
    Click "Donate" to choose which giving form you'd like to use.
    Click "Select a embed" and choose the giving form you'd like to host on your Page from the dropdown.
    You may customize the Donate page with a Headline, Sub Headline, and Body Content.
    Click "About" to continue customizing your page. If you do not wish to use this tab, leave it blank and it will not appear on your final page.
    In the "Naming" tab, name your page.
    You may enter your email address, Facebook page link, or Twitter page link in the "Social" category. If you do not wish to have a "Social" tab on your page, leave this section blank.
    Copy your page link from the "Settings" tab to share!
    Click "PUBLISH" to save changes.
    Go back to the "Landing Pages" section and locate the page you just created. Click on the grey edit pencil.
    Click "Visit" to visit your new Landing Page!

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