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    Creating an All Credentials Report in the WV Registry System

        Log into your WV STARS account.
        Navigate to the left menu and click "Reporting"
        Find the "All Credentials Report" and click "Create"
        Type the name of your report into the first box. I named my report "Staff Credentials", but you can name it however you like.
        If you'd like the report to be emailed to you, put your email address in the box. This field is optional. This can be beneficial when paired with a scheduled report in the next steps.
        If this is a one-time report, click on Not Scheduled and jump down to step 9.
        If you want to schedule the report so that runs at a set time, click "Scheduled Report".
        In the next section, determine the report frequency: Daily - Report will run on selected days Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly - Report will run at a selected frequency based on "Start Date:" below. Run Time - the time your report will run Start Date - the date your scheduled report will begin running End Date - the date your scheduled reports will stop automating. You can leave this blank.
        Click "Specific User(s)"
        Your Child Care Center will appear in the "Hierarchy Node:" line automatically.
        Click "Search"
        Your staff will appear in the Search Items box on the Left. You can click "Select All" to select all users, or you can individually select users.
        Optional: Click "Automatically Add Search Results to "Selected List" to skip the "Searched Items" list and add the results right to the "Selected List"
        Once you have selected the users you want to include in the report, click "Add Checked Search Items To Selected List"
        Only users in the "Selected" box will be on the report.
        If you'd like to filter by date, enter those dates here. Delete dates for no date filter.
        Click "Include both active and expired"
        Click "Show highest level only for each professional"
        Save & Run: save this report as is, then run the report Save & Exit: save this report as is and return to the reporting screen Run without Saving: run the report, but do not save the setup Cancel: cancel report and return to the reporting screen
        In the Reporting Page you can see past reports and saved reports. A white background indicates the section you're looking at.
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