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    Creating an Opportunity in Avionte

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Opportunities" on the company's profile
    Click "Create New Opportunity"
    Click "Nothing selected"
    Click on the contact you want to use for this opportunity
    Edit the opportunity name to the location you are targeting. For example : FL - Boca Raton
    Click "1. Prospect and qualify"
    here you can select the stage of the opportunity.
    Click the drop down under "opportunity type"
    Select the type of opportunity.
    Click under "Next Step"
    Type your next step with the prospect.
    Click this text field.
    Select the date when you'd like to complete the next step.
    Click Under Amount
    Type the amount you think will be billed to the client.
    Click the "Add Owners" field.
    Type your name.
    Click on your name and add anyone else you'd like to see your opportunity.
    Click this field. add any notes you want to record for this opportunity.
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