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    Creating and assigning an icon to a custom module

        Creating a custom module

        Users can access the settings icon from the "Home" screen of BizTRAQ. This icon is available on the top right of the home screen. To start the process users have to click on the "Gear" icon. A small popup will be visible from where users have to click on the "Settings" icon.
        The following screen will be shown after clicking. To create a custom module users have to click "Custom Module" tab. All available custom modules will be shown in this list. The current one is empty because no custom module has been added yet. Users have to click "Plus" icon to add a new one.

        Adding icons to custom module

        After that following screen will be shown. Here module name is mandatory. Users can add their desired module name. They can add a description for that module which is optional. BizTRAQ allows users to assign custom icons to their modules. Click on the dropdown to assign the available icon to the module. Click "add" to search and assign a custom icon to the module. Click "Click to find more icons" will open a new tab where users will be able to search and select their desired icons for their modules.
        Switch to tab "Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts"
        Click the "Search Material Icons" field.
        Users can type and search icons with specific keywords. Here search was made for the keyword "Organization".
        Clicking on the desired icon will open a sidebar on the right side of the screen. Users have to click on the "Copy" icon to copy the name of the icon.
        Once copied, users have to go back to their previous tab and then paste the name of the copied icon on the "Add New Icon" field. To successfully assign the icon, users have to click "Save" button.
        Finally, users need to provide permission to the related groups of uses applicable to this module. This will create a new custom module in BizTRAQ. The newly created module will be visible in the left-hand side menu with an icon if applied.

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