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    Credix Onboarding

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      IMPORTANT 1. You don't have a Solana-based wallet and USDC-SPL yet? Read our guide here: []( Any questions during the onboarding? Reach out to [email protected]
      The onboarding is fully automated and consists of the following steps: 1. Using your wallet to log in into the platform 2. Perform KYC (individual) / KYB (entity) through Securitize 3. Perform (self) accreditation through Securitize 4. Start investing 🥳
      Navigate to [](
      Click "Connect your wallet"
      You will be asked to connect your wallet. We also show more information about the message you'll have to sign to authenticate you in our system.
      Click "Phantom Detected" - or any other Solana based wallet you prefer (we also support hardware wallets and wallet connect)
      Your wallet will open up and ask you to sign a message. Hit the approve button and you will be authenticated into the Credix platform. (it's similar to logging in with Gmail/Facebook, but instead we use a wallet - the web3 way)
      Click "Link Securitize account"
      Click "Sign up" if you don't have a Securitize account yet. If you do have an account, you can just log in.
      Enter your email, pick a password and set your country of residence.
      Click "Accept & Continue"
      Click "Accept & Continue"
      You will receive a confirmation email from Securitize.
      Click on the "Verify account" button in the email and then click "Allow" in the window that opens. This will link your Securitze account to the Credix platform.
      Your Securitize account is now linked to Credix 🎉 Next up, you will have to complete your KYC (for individuals) or KYB (for entities).
      Go back to and click "Start identity verification"
      Complete the KYC/B flow on Securitize. Make sure you select "Entity" if you want to onboard as an entity.
      The KYC flow (individual) is most often completed in a few hours. KYB (entity) can take up to a few days. You can track your status on
      Once your KYC/B is accepted, you will need to go through the accreditation flow. US-based investors need to provide documents to Securitize; non-US based investors will perform self-accreditation. Click "Start accreditation"
      In case of self-accreditation, you can click "I am a Qualified Investor" (if you qualify) In case of manual accreditation (US investors), Securitize will ask documents to proof your accreditation.

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