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    Credix - Invest in tranches

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      Go to the deals overview: []( and connect your wallet. Go to the tab "pending" if you want to fund the junior/mez tranche of a deal that still needs to go live.
      If you're new to wallets, first read our Phantom 101 guide here: [](
      Navigate to the deal where you want to make a tranche investment and click "Show"
      Click the "Amount" field.
      Type the amount you want to invest
      If you see the warning message "You don't have a tranche pass to invest yet", you will have to get in touch with the Credix team. Only white-listed investors (wallets) are able to invest in tranches. We issue so called "tranche-passes" after the needed legal documents have been signed.
      Once you have an active tranche pass, click the "Amount" field.
      Enter the amount you want to invest in the respective tranche, e.g. "100000" USDC
      Click "Invest"
      Your wallet will open again to approve the transaction. You will receive a number of tranche tokens as a claim on your deposited USDC + future yield. Those tranche tokens will be visible in your wallet but are non-transferable.

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