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    Créer un compte stock

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      Préparer votre CSV

      Téléchargez notre modèle CSV et listez les équipements de votre flotte. 🔗 [](
      Needed informations: Email* Brand* Model* Category (Choose between: Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, screens, accessories, security, peripheral, others) Serial number* Description All fields with a * are mandatory.

      Create your stock profile(s)

      Navigate to [](
      You can create a stock account for each of your offices and keep an eye on what's available and where. 👀
      Click "onboarding"
      Click "+ Add employee"
      Add the following information: · First name: Stock · Last name: City of the related office (ex: Paris) · Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (the email address doesn't need to exist) · Associated working site: Choose the corresponding office (ex : Paris)
      On the following screen, make sure the onboarding date is set to ASAP. Finally, click "Add employee only".

      Add your equipment in stock

      Get your CSV ready! In the email column, add the email address of the corresponding stock account
      Click "Upload iT fleet"
      Select your CSV file, assign the column to the corresponding fields and start importing.

      Ask our team to activate your stock account

      In order to see your equipments in your stock on the platform, please contact our team for a manual approbation.
      Contact the iT support and ask them to associate your stock account to the equipment in stock
      Wait for our team to confirm it's done! ✔

      Access your stock

      Once done, log out and log in to access your stock
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