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    Customize Slack Notifications

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    Navigate to Notification Settings

    Click on your profile icon in the bottom right corner.
    Click **"Preferences"**

    Customize Mobile Notifications

    Click **"Use different settings for my mobile devices"**
    Select your preferred notification settings for your mobile device.

    Customize Keyword Notifications

    Click the box under **"My Keywords"**
    Type in any keywords that you'd like to be notified of.

    Customize Notification Schedule

    Under, "Notification Schedule", choose the hours you'd like to receive notifications.
    Choose a time for reminder notifications to be sent.

    Customize Notification Sounds

    Choose whether to mute all notifications from Slack.
    Click the **notification sound list** to choose your preferred sound when you send or receive a message!
    Click the Send notifications to my mobile devices: list box

    Customize when to send Slack notifications to your Mobile device

    Under "When I'm not active on desktop", choose the preferred timeframe to begin sending notifications to your mobile device.
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