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    Customizing Icons on Google MyMaps

    • Thomas Kao |
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    Navigate to your map
    Click here. Click "More icons" Click this field. Type "library [[enter]]"
    Click "Library" Click "OK"
    You can see all the icons for map points in our first tier of libraries has changed icons, while the other nine tiers still have the generic map points.
    In this instance, you'd have to update icons for all 10 library groups. However, if you updated the icons before splitting out the libraries by number of books checked out, you'd only have to do this once.
    Tip! A map entirely of libraries doesn't allow for much creativity on icons. Instead, our map shows information quickly to readers via the colors and data that accompany them. For other maps, the icons will be the most impactful. A view of restaurants in Lincoln Park can show Pizza, Beer, and Hamburger, etc. icons to quickly display key information. Understanding what you want to show to your readers will help you make the best decisions for icons, coloring, and labeling.
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