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    Deleting Placeholder Data

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    Click the arrow next to the title of your CommandCenter.
    Click "View data"
    Start on the "Menus" tab.
    On each tab, the first view will be something like "Delete", though if any of the data I've loaded is helpful for you (for example, all the media Genres on the media tab, etc.), you are welcome to keep it.
    To select all records on a tab to delete, click this checkbox on the header row (or you can individually over over each row and click the checkbox to do a custom selection).
    Right-click any of the selected checkboxes (but not the very top one in the menu row- that one doesn't work).
    Click "Delete all selected"
    Click "Delete"
    Repeat for EVERY SINGLE TAB (except Directions) all the way through Tickets.
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